Function and usage of get_embed_template() in wordpress


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    The get_embed_template() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the path of an embed template in the current or parent theme. This function plays a crucial role in defining how embedded content, like posts or media, is displayed on your WordPress site. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    get_embed_template(): string


    This function is designed to find the appropriate embed template file based on a specific hierarchy. The hierarchy for the embed templates is determined in the following order:

    1. embed-{post_type}-{post_format}.php
    2. embed-{post_type}.php
    3. embed.php

    Here, {post_type} refers to the type of post (like 'post', 'page', etc.), and {post_format} refers to the format of the post (like 'audio', 'video', etc.).

    Template Hierarchy Example:

    To understand how this works, consider the following examples of template files:

    • embed-post-audio.php: This template is used for embedded posts of the type 'post' with the format 'audio'.
    • embed-post.php: This template is used for all embedded posts of the type 'post', regardless of the post format.
    • embed.php: This is the fallback template used for any embedded content if no other specific embed template files are found.

    Usage in Theme Development:

    When developing a WordPress theme, you can create custom embed templates following this hierarchy. By doing so, you can precisely control how different types of embedded content are presented on your website.

    Filter Hooks:

    The hierarchy and the path of the template file are filterable. This means you can modify them using the following dynamic hooks in WordPress:

    • $type_template_hierarchy: Allows filtering of the template hierarchy.
    • $type_template: Allows filtering of the template path. In this case, $type would be 'embed'.

    These hooks are particularly useful for theme developers who want to implement custom logic or conditions for template selection.

    Relation to get_query_template():

    The get_embed_template() function is related to get_query_template(). While get_query_template() is used to retrieve paths for various types of templates based on the query (like single.php, archive.php, etc.), get_embed_template() is specifically tailored for embed templates.

    Return Value:

    The function returns a string, which is the full path to the selected embed template file. This path is used to load and display the appropriate template for the embedded content.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a basic example of how you might use get_embed_template() in theme development or a plugin:

    // Get the path of the embed template
    $embed_template_path = get_embed_template();
    // Load the embed template
    if ( $embed_template_path ) {
        include( $embed_template_path );

    This code snippet retrieves the path of the appropriate embed template based on the current post type and format, and then includes that template file for rendering the embedded content.

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