Function and usage of get_image_send_to_editor() in wordpress


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    The get_image_send_to_editor() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the HTML for an image to be sent to the editor. This function is particularly useful for theme and plugin developers who need to programmatically insert images into posts or pages. Below is a detailed explanation of the function and its parameters:


    • Name: get_image_send_to_editor
    • Purpose: Retrieves the image HTML to send to the editor.


    1. $id (int, required): The attachment ID of the image. This is a unique identifier for each image in the WordPress media library.
    2. $caption (string, required): The caption for the image. This text will appear below the image in the post or page.
    3. $title (string, required): The title attribute for the image. This is often used for SEO purposes and also appears when the user hovers over the image.
    4. $align (string, required): The CSS alignment property for the image. Typical values include 'left', 'right', 'center', etc., which dictate how the image aligns with other content.
    5. $url (string, optional): The source URL of the image. Defaults to an empty string if not provided. This parameter allows specifying a custom URL for the image source.
    6. $rel (bool|string, optional): Specifies the value for the 'rel' attribute of the image tag or whether to add a default value. It defaults to false.
    7. $size (string|int[], optional): Determines the size of the image. It can accept any registered image size name (like 'thumbnail', 'medium', 'large') or an array of width and height values in pixels. Defaults to 'medium'.
    8. $alt (string, optional): The alt attribute for the image, which is essential for accessibility and SEO. Defaults to an empty string.


    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns the HTML output that can be inserted into the editor. This HTML includes the image tag with all the specified attributes and values.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use get_image_send_to_editor() in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    $image_id = 123; // Replace with your image's ID
    $caption = "A Beautiful Sunset";
    $title = "Sunset Over the Beach";
    $align = "center";
    $url = ""; // Optional
    $rel = "nofollow"; // Optional
    $size = array(600, 400); // Optional, width x height
    $alt = "Sunset at the beach"; // Optional
    $image_html = get_image_send_to_editor($image_id, $caption, $title, $align, $url, $rel, $size, $alt);
    // Now you can insert $image_html into the editor

    In this example, the function is used to generate HTML for an image with specific parameters, which can then be inserted into the WordPress editor.

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