Function and usage of get_importers() in wordpress


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    The get_importers() function in WordPress is a utility function used to retrieve a list of available importers on a WordPress site. Importers are tools that allow you to import content into WordPress from various sources. Here's a detailed explanation of this function:

    Function Signature:

    get_importers(): array

    Function Details:

    • Purpose: The primary function of get_importers() is to obtain a list of all the importers that are registered in a WordPress installation.

    • Return Value: This function returns an array. Each element in the array represents an importer that is registered on the site.

    Structure of the Returned Array:

    The returned array typically includes several details about each importer, such as:

    • Key: A unique identifier for the importer.
    • Name: The name of the importer.
    • Description: A short description of what the importer does or what kind of content it is used to import.
    • Callback Function: A reference to the function that is called to execute the importer.

    Sample Usage:

    Getting List of Importers:

    $importers = get_importers();
    if (!empty($importers)) {
        foreach ($importers as $key => $importer) {
            echo "Importer Key: " . $key . "\n";
            echo "Importer Name: " . $importer[0] . "\n";
            echo "Importer Description: " . $importer[1] . "\n";
            echo "Importer Callback Function: " . $importer[2] . "\n\n";
    } else {
        echo "No importers are registered.";


    In a typical scenario, if WordPress has importers for importing posts from a Blogger site, the returned array will include an entry for the Blogger importer with its details.

    Practical Use:

    • Plugin Development: Useful in plugin development where you might need to check for the existence of certain importers or extend the functionality of existing ones.
    • Custom Import Solutions: Helps in creating custom import solutions by allowing developers to understand which importers are already available and how they can be utilized or extended.

    Important Notes:

    • Admin Use: This function is primarily used in the WordPress admin area, particularly in import-related settings or tools.
    • Registration of Importers: Importers need to be registered in WordPress using the register_importer() function for them to appear in the list obtained by get_importers().

    This function is a part of WordPress's plugin architecture and is especially relevant for developers working on data migration and import/export functionalities within WordPress.

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