Function and usage of get_index_rel_link() in wordpress


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    The get_index_rel_link() function in WordPress is a simple, yet useful function designed for theme developers and plugin authors who want to retrieve the site index relational link.


    get_index_rel_link(): string


    The primary function of get_index_rel_link() is to get the relational link for the site index. This is typically used within the <head> section of a WordPress theme.

    Return Value:

    • Return Type: string
    • Description: It returns the <link> tag for the site's index relational link. This tag is formatted as HTML and can be directly inserted into the HTML head section of a page.


    Sample Code:

    Here's a simple example of how get_index_rel_link() can be used in a WordPress theme:

    function add_custom_head_links() {
        echo get_index_rel_link();
    add_action( 'wp_head', 'add_custom_head_links' );


    • Function Definition: In this sample, we define a function add_custom_head_links().
    • Echo the Link: Inside this function, we use echo get_index_rel_link(); to print the index relational link directly to the page head.
    • Hook into wp_head: The add_action() call hooks our add_custom_head_links function into the wp_head action, ensuring that our index link is added to the head section of each page.

    Practical Use-Cases:

    • SEO Optimization: Helps search engines understand the structure of your website.
    • Theme Development: Essential for theme developers to ensure their themes are SEO-friendly.
    • Plugin Development: Plugins that modify site navigation or structure may use it to update or customize the index link.

    Important Considerations:

    • Context of Use: Should be used within the context of the WordPress Loop or where appropriate within theme files.
    • Theme Standards: Adhering to WordPress theme development standards, including placement and use of this function, is essential for compatibility and performance.

    This function is a part of WordPress's extensive template tag system, which provides a wide range of functionalities for theme and plugin development.

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