Function and usage of get_link() in wordpress


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    The get_link() function in WordPress is used to retrieve bookmark data based on a given bookmark ID. It's a useful function for managing and displaying links or bookmarks stored in your WordPress database.


    • Name: get_link()


    • Purpose: Retrieves bookmark data based on its ID.
    • Related Function: get_bookmark() - It's worth looking at get_bookmark() as well, as it is closely related and may offer additional functionality or options for working with bookmarks.


    1. $bookmark_id (int, required): The ID of the link or bookmark you want to retrieve. This is a unique identifier for each bookmark in the WordPress database.

    2. $output (string, optional): Specifies the type of output you want.

      • Acceptable values are:
        • OBJECT (default): Returns the bookmark data as an object.
        • ARRAY_N: Returns the bookmark data as a numerically indexed array.
        • ARRAY_A: Returns the bookmark data as an associative array.
      • Default is OBJECT.
    3. $filter (string, optional): Determines how to filter the link for output.

      • Acceptable values are:
        • 'raw' (default): No filtering is applied.
        • 'edit': Suitable for editing context.
        • 'attribute': Escapes data for use as an HTML attribute.
        • 'js': Escapes data for use in JavaScript.
        • 'db': Prepares data for use in a database query.
        • 'display': Applies formatting suitable for display.
      • Default is 'raw'.

    Return Value:

    • Type: object|array
    • Description: Returns a Bookmark object or array, depending on the type specified by $output.

    Sample Usage:

    // Retrieve a bookmark with ID 10 as an object
    $bookmark = get_link( 10, 'OBJECT', 'raw' );
    // Check if the bookmark was successfully retrieved
    if ( !empty( $bookmark ) ) {
        // Display the bookmark's name
        echo $bookmark->link_name;

    In this example, get_link is used to retrieve the bookmark with an ID of 10. The function returns the bookmark as an object without any additional filtering ('raw'). The code then checks if the bookmark is successfully retrieved and displays its name.

    This function is especially useful when dealing with a list of links or bookmarks that are stored in your WordPress site, allowing for easy retrieval and manipulation based on specific IDs.

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