Function and usage of get_locale_stylesheet_uri() in wordpress


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    The get_locale_stylesheet_uri() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the URI of the localized stylesheet for a theme. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Signature

    get_locale_stylesheet_uri(): string


    • Retrieves the localized stylesheet URI: This function is designed to find and return the URI of the stylesheet specific to the locale (language and region settings) of a WordPress site.


    • Location of Stylesheet Files: By default, localized stylesheet files are located in the base theme directory.
    • Naming Convention: The name of the localized stylesheet file typically follows the format {locale}.css, where {locale} is the specific locale code (e.g., en_US, fr_FR).
    • Fallback Mechanism: If a stylesheet for the specific locale is not found, WordPress looks for a text direction stylesheet, like ltr.css or rtl.css, depending on the text direction of the language.
    • Theme Customization: Themes can change the location of the stylesheet directory by using filters:
      • stylesheet_directory_uri: To change the location of all stylesheet files.
      • locale_stylesheet_uri: To specifically change the location of localized stylesheet files.
    • Use Cases: Use stylesheet_directory_uri to modify the location for all stylesheets in the WordPress workflow. Use locale_stylesheet_uri if you only need to move the localized stylesheets to a separate folder.

    Return Value

    • Type: string
    • Description: URI to the active theme’s localized stylesheet.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how you might use get_locale_stylesheet_uri() in a WordPress theme:

    function my_theme_enqueue_styles() {
        // Enqueue the main stylesheet
        wp_enqueue_style('main-style', get_stylesheet_uri());
        // Enqueue the localized stylesheet if it exists
        $locale_style_uri = get_locale_stylesheet_uri();
        if ( $locale_style_uri != get_stylesheet_uri() ) {
            wp_enqueue_style('locale-style', $locale_style_uri);
    add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'my_theme_enqueue_styles');

    In this example, the function my_theme_enqueue_styles() is defined to enqueue stylesheets for the theme. It first enqueues the main stylesheet using get_stylesheet_uri(). Then, it checks if there is a localized stylesheet using get_locale_stylesheet_uri(). If the localized stylesheet exists and is different from the main stylesheet, it is enqueued.

    This function is useful for ensuring that your WordPress theme appropriately reflects the language and regional preferences of your site's visitors, providing a more tailored and accessible user experience.

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