Function and usage of get_main_network_id() in wordpress


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    The get_main_network_id() function in WordPress is a simple yet crucial function, especially in a multisite environment. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Overview:

    • Function Name: get_main_network_id()
    • Return Type: int


    • The get_main_network_id() function is used to retrieve the ID of the main network in a WordPress multisite setup.
    • In WordPress multisite, there can be multiple networks, each containing various sites. This function identifies the primary network among them.

    Function Description:

    • Gets the main network ID: This function returns the ID of the main network in a multisite installation.
    • The main network is typically the first one created during the setup of a multisite WordPress environment.

    Return Value:

    • Type: Integer (int)
    • Description: The function returns the ID of the main network. This ID is used internally by WordPress to reference the primary network in various multisite operations.

    Sample Usage:


    You are managing a WordPress multisite and need to perform certain actions or apply settings specifically for the main network.

    Example Code:

    // Check if the function exists to avoid errors in single-site installations
    if ( function_exists( 'get_main_network_id' ) ) {
        $main_network_id = get_main_network_id();
        // Perform actions or get information specific to the main network
        // Example: Update a network option for the main network
        update_network_option( $main_network_id, 'my_option', 'my_value' );

    Contextual Notes:

    • Multisite Check: It's good practice to check if the function exists using function_exists(). This ensures compatibility with standard WordPress installations (single-site) where this function wouldn't be defined.
    • Use Cases: Commonly used in plugins or themes that are designed to work across multisite networks, especially when specific actions or settings are intended only for the main network.
    • Compatibility: As with all WordPress functions, ensure compatibility with your WordPress version.


    The get_main_network_id() function is an essential tool for developers working with WordPress multisite environments, providing a straightforward way to identify and interact with the main network.

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