Function and usage of get_main_site_id() in wordpress


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    The get_main_site_id() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the ID of the main site in a WordPress multisite network. Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Definition

    • Function Name: get_main_site_id
    • Purpose: To get the ID of the main site in a WordPress multisite network.
    • Return Type: int (integer)


    • $network_id (int, optional): This parameter specifies the ID of the network for which the main site ID is required. It's an optional parameter. If not provided, the function defaults to using the current network.

      • Type: Integer
      • Default Value: null (which means the function uses the current network)

    Return Value

    • Type: Integer (int)
    • Description: The function returns the ID of the main site of the specified network.

    Usage Scenario

    This function is particularly useful in WordPress installations with multisite enabled, where you might need to programmatically determine the main site of a network for various purposes like setting global options, managing network-wide settings, or performing network-specific tasks.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how get_main_site_id() can be used:

    // Get the main site ID of the current network
    $main_site_id = get_main_site_id();
    // Optionally, get the main site ID of a specific network
    $specific_network_id = 2; // Assume 2 is a network ID
    $main_site_id_of_specific_network = get_main_site_id($specific_network_id);
    // Use the main site ID for further operations
    // For example, switching to the main site to perform some operations
    // Perform operations...
    restore_current_blog(); // Restore to the original site

    Important Notes

    • This function is only applicable to WordPress multisite installations.
    • It's important to use functions like switch_to_blog() and restore_current_blog() responsibly to avoid issues in site switching.

    This function simplifies the process of identifying the main site in complex multisite networks, making it easier to manage network-wide settings and operations in WordPress.

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