Function and usage of get_month_link() in wordpress


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    The get_month_link() function in WordPress is a useful tool for generating permalinks to monthly archives on your website. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    • Name: get_month_link
    • Purpose: Retrieves the permalink (permanent link) for the month archives, including the specified year.


    1. $year (int | false) - This parameter is required. You can specify an integer representing the year for which you want to retrieve the archive link. If you set this parameter to false, the function will use the current year.

    2. $month (int | false) - This parameter is also required. It accepts an integer representing the month. Similar to $year, setting this parameter to false will make the function use the current month.


    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns a permalink as a string. This permalink leads to the archive for the specified month and year.

    Sample Usage:

    Here’s how you can use the get_month_link() function in practice:

    Example 1: Get Link for a Specific Month and Year

    $year = 2023;
    $month = 4; // April
    $link = get_month_link($year, $month);
    echo 'Link to April 2023 archive: ' . $link;

    In this example, the function generates a permalink to the archive for April 2023.

    Example 2: Get Link for Current Month and Year

    $link = get_month_link(false, false);
    echo 'Link to the current month and year archive: ' . $link;

    Here, the function will return a link to the archive of the current month and year.


    • The function is particularly useful for creating dynamic archive lists in WordPress themes or plugins.
    • The permalinks generated are structured according to your website's URL settings.

    By using get_month_link(), you can easily create navigational elements on your WordPress site, allowing users to browse archives based on specific months and years.

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