Function and usage of get_most_active_blogs() in wordpress


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    The get_most_active_blogs function in WordPress is a deprecated function, which means it is no longer recommended for use in current WordPress development. However, I'll explain its functionality as per your request.

    Function Signature:

    get_most_active_blogs( int $num = 10, bool $display = true ): array


    This function was designed to retrieve a list of the most active sites (blogs) in a WordPress multisite network.


    1. $num (int, optional):

      • This parameter specifies the number of active blogs to retrieve.
      • Default Value: 10
      • This means if you don't specify a value for $num, the function will return the top 10 most active blogs.
    2. $display (bool, optional):

      • This parameter controls whether the list of most active blogs should be displayed directly (e.g., printed out on a webpage) or just returned as an array.
      • Default Value: true
      • If set to true, the function will display the list. If false, it will not display but will return the list as an array.


    • The function returns an array.
    • This array consists of the "most active" sites/blogs.
    • The exact contents of the array (e.g., site URLs, site names, activity metrics) depend on how the function was implemented in the WordPress version you are using.

    Sample Usage:

    // Example 1: Get the top 5 most active blogs and display them
    $active_blogs = get_most_active_blogs(5, true);
    // Example 2: Get the top 10 most active blogs but do not display them
    $active_blogs = get_most_active_blogs(10, false);
    // Assuming the function returns an array, you can then process this array
    foreach ($active_blogs as $blog) {
        // Process each blog. For example, print the blog name or URL

    Important Notes:

    • Deprecated: As a deprecated function, get_most_active_blogs may not be available in newer versions of WordPress or may not function as expected. It's important to check the current WordPress documentation for updated ways to achieve similar functionality.
    • Context: This function is specific to WordPress multisite installations, where multiple blogs or sites are managed under a single WordPress installation.

    For up-to-date and recommended practices, always refer to the latest WordPress developer documentation.

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