Function and usage of get_oembed_response_data_rich() in wordpress


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    The get_oembed_response_data_rich() function in WordPress is used to filter oEmbed response data, particularly to return an iframe embed code. This function is handy when you want to customize the embedding of media content in a WordPress post. Let's break down the function and its usage:

    Function Signature:

    get_oembed_response_data_rich( array $data, WP_Post $post, int $width, int $height ): array


    1. $data (array): This is a required parameter. It contains the response data from the oEmbed provider. This data usually includes information like the HTML code for embedding, the title of the embedded content, the URL, and other metadata.

    2. $post (WP_Post): Also a required parameter. This represents the post object for which the oEmbed response is being filtered. This allows the function to tailor the response based on the specific post where the embedded content will appear.

    3. $width (int): A required parameter that specifies the width of the embed. This is the width that you want the embedded content to have.

    4. $height (int): Another required parameter that represents the calculated height for the embed. This height is usually calculated based on the specified width and the aspect ratio of the original content.

    Return Value:

    • array: The function returns an array which is the modified oEmbed response data. This returned data should include the iframe embed code customized according to the provided width and height.

    Usage Example:

    Let's consider you are embedding a YouTube video and want to customize its size:

    add_filter('oembed_response_data', function ($data, $post, $width, $height) {
        // Custom width and height for the iframe
        $custom_width = 800;
        $custom_height = 450;
        // Call the get_oembed_response_data_rich function
        return get_oembed_response_data_rich($data, $post, $custom_width, $custom_height);
    }, 10, 4);

    In this example, a WordPress filter oembed_response_data is used to modify the oEmbed data. The get_oembed_response_data_rich function is called within this filter to customize the iframe embed size to 800x450 pixels.

    Remember that this function should be used within the context of WordPress hooks and filters, and it's designed to work with the WordPress oEmbed feature, which automatically handles embedding of content from supported oEmbed providers.

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