Function and usage of get_page_template() in wordpress


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    The get_page_template() function in WordPress is an important tool for theme developers, allowing them to retrieve the path of the page template used in the current or parent template. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:


    get_page_template(): string


    • Purpose: The get_page_template() function is designed to find the path of the specific page template file that WordPress has selected to display the current page.
    • Block Themes Note: If you are working with a block theme, you should use locate_block_template() instead, as get_page_template() may not function as expected with block themes.
    • Template Hierarchy: WordPress uses a specific hierarchy to determine which page template to use. The hierarchy is as follows:
      • {Page Template}.php (e.g., a template selected through the WordPress admin)
      • page-{page_name}.php (e.g., if the page slug is 'about', page-about.php)
      • page-{id}.php (e.g., if the page ID is 4, page-4.php)
      • page.php (the default template for all pages)
    • Examples of Template Names:
      • page-templates/full-width.php
      • page-about.php
      • page-4.php
      • page.php
    • Filter Hooks: The template hierarchy and template path can be modified using the {$type}_template_hierarchy and {$type}_template dynamic hooks, where $type is 'page'.
    • Related Function: get_query_template(), which is used to retrieve path of various query templates like page.php, single.php, etc.


    • Type: string
    • Description: Full path to the page template file.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's how you might use get_page_template() in a WordPress theme:

    // Inside a WordPress template file
    // Get the current page template path
    $page_template_path = get_page_template();
    if ($page_template_path) {
        echo "The current page template is: " . $page_template_path;
    } else {
        echo "No specific page template is assigned.";

    In this example, the get_page_template() function is used to obtain the path of the current page's template. This can be useful for debugging, for applying specific styles or scripts, or for modifying behavior based on the template used.

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