Function and usage of get_pending_comments_num() in wordpress


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    The get_pending_comments_num() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the number of pending comments for a specific post or a set of posts. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    • Purpose: This function is used to get the count of pending comments that have not yet been approved on a WordPress post or posts.
    • Use Case: It's particularly useful for administrators and editors to monitor and manage comments awaiting moderation.


    • $post_id (int|int[]):
      • Type: This parameter can be either a single integer representing a Post ID or an array of integers representing multiple Post IDs.
      • Required: Yes. You need to provide at least one Post ID to fetch the pending comments count.
      • Description: This parameter specifies the post(s) for which you want to get the pending comments count.


    • Type: int|int[]
    • Description: The function returns:
      • An integer (int) if a single Post ID was provided. This integer represents the count of pending comments for that specific post.
      • An array of integers (int[]) keyed on the Post IDs if an array of Post IDs was provided. Each element in the array shows the count of pending comments for the corresponding Post ID.

    Sample Usage:

    Example 1: Single Post

    $post_id = 123; // Assuming 123 is a valid Post ID
    $pending_comments_count = get_pending_comments_num($post_id);
    echo 'Pending comments for post 123: ' . $pending_comments_count;

    In this example, the function returns the number of pending comments for the post with ID 123.

    Example 2: Multiple Posts

    $post_ids = [123, 456, 789]; // Assuming these are valid Post IDs
    $pending_comments_counts = get_pending_comments_num($post_ids);
    foreach ($pending_comments_counts as $id => $count) {
        echo "Pending comments for post $id: $count\n";

    In this second example, the function returns an associative array where each key is a Post ID from the $post_ids array, and each value is the corresponding count of pending comments for that Post ID.


    • This function is beneficial for creating custom dashboards or widgets in WordPress backend that need to display comment moderation data.
    • It's important to ensure that the Post IDs passed to the function are valid and exist in the WordPress database to get accurate results.

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