Function and usage of get_plugin_updates() in wordpress


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    The get_plugin_updates() function in WordPress is used to retrieve information about plugins that have updates available. It returns an array containing details about the plugins that have updates waiting to be installed. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and a sample usage:

    Function: get_plugin_updates()

    • Purpose: The primary purpose of get_plugin_updates() is to provide information about plugins that have updates available. This can be useful for administrators or developers who want to know which plugins need to be updated to ensure the security and functionality of their WordPress website.

    • Return Value: The function returns an array containing information about the plugins with updates available. Each element in the array represents a plugin and includes details such as the plugin's name, version, update version, and update package URL.

    Sample Usage:

    $plugin_updates = get_plugin_updates();
    if (is_array($plugin_updates) && !empty($plugin_updates)) {
        echo "<h2>Plugins with Updates Available:</h2>";
        echo "<ul>";
        foreach ($plugin_updates as $plugin) {
            echo "<li>";
            echo "Plugin Name: " . esc_html($plugin['Name']) . "<br>";
            echo "Current Version: " . esc_html($plugin['Version']) . "<br>";
            echo "Update Version: " . esc_html($plugin['update']['new_version']) . "<br>";
            echo "Update Package URL: " . esc_url($plugin['update']['package']) . "<br>";
            echo "</li>";
        echo "</ul>";
    } else {
        echo "No plugin updates available.";

    In this sample usage:

    1. We call the get_plugin_updates() function to retrieve the array of plugin updates.

    2. We check if the returned value is an array and not empty. This ensures that there are updates available before attempting to display the information.

    3. If there are updates available, we loop through each plugin update and display its name, current version, update version, and update package URL in an unordered list.

    4. If there are no updates available, we display a message indicating that there are no plugin updates.

    This function is particularly useful for website administrators to keep track of plugin updates and take action to install them for improved security and functionality.

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