Function and usage of get_post_custom_values() in wordpress


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    The get_post_custom_values() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve values for a custom post field. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    get_post_custom_values( string $key = ”, int $post_id )


    1. $key (string, optional): This is the meta field key for which you want to retrieve values. If you specify a $key, the function will return values associated with this meta key in the specified post. The default value is an empty string '', which implies that if no key is specified, all meta values for the post will be retrieved.

    2. $post_id (int, optional): This is the ID of the post from which you want to retrieve the meta values. If not specified, the function uses the ID of the global $post object, which refers to the current post in a WordPress loop.


    • array|null: The function returns an array of values associated with the specified meta field key for the given post ID. If no values are found, or if the specified post does not exist, it returns null.

    Sample Usage:

    Example 1: Retrieve All Meta Values for the Current Post

    // No parameters passed, retrieves all meta values for the current post
    $all_meta_values = get_post_custom_values();

    Example 2: Retrieve Specific Meta Field Values

    // Retrieve values for a specific meta key in the current post
    $specific_meta_values = get_post_custom_values('my_custom_key');

    Example 3: Retrieve Meta Field Values for a Specific Post

    // Retrieve values for a specific meta key in a specified post
    $post_id = 123; // Assuming 123 is the post ID
    $meta_values_for_post = get_post_custom_values('my_custom_key', $post_id);


    • The function is particularly useful when you need to fetch custom fields (meta data) associated with posts. Custom fields can be used for additional information that doesn't fit into the default fields provided by WordPress (like 'title' or 'content').
    • It's important to ensure that the $post_id refers to a valid post, and the $key (if specified) is a valid meta key. Otherwise, the function will return null.
    • This function is part of WordPress’s extensive functions to interact with post metadata and is commonly used in theme and plugin development to customize how content is displayed.

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