Function and usage of get_post_galleries_images() in wordpress


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    The get_post_galleries_images() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the image sources (srcs) from galleries within a post's content. This function is particularly useful when you want to access all the images in galleries that are embedded in a post. Let's break down the function and its usage:

    Function Signature

    get_post_galleries_images( int|WP_Post $post ): array

    Function Details

    1. Purpose:

      • The function extracts image sources from galleries in a post's content. Galleries are usually added to posts using shortcodes in WordPress.
    2. Description:

      • The function looks for gallery shortcodes in a post and extracts the image URLs (sources) from these galleries. It's useful for themes or plugins that need to display or manipulate the images from a post's galleries.
    3. Parameters:

      • $post (int | WP_Post, optional): You can pass either a post ID or a WP_Post object to this function. If you don't provide this parameter, the function uses the global $post object by default, which represents the current post in a WordPress loop.
    4. Return Value:

      • The function returns an array. Each element of this array is a list containing the src attributes of images found in a particular gallery within the post. If the post contains multiple galleries, each gallery's images will be in a separate list within the array.

    Sample Usage

    Here's an example of how you might use get_post_galleries_images():

    // Assume you are within The Loop or have a WP_Post object
    $post_id = get_the_ID(); // Get current post ID
    $galleries_images = get_post_galleries_images($post_id);
    // Check if there are any galleries
    if (!empty($galleries_images)) {
        foreach ($galleries_images as $gallery_images) {
            echo '<div class="gallery">';
            foreach ($gallery_images as $image_src) {
                echo '<img src="' . esc_url($image_src) . '" />';
            echo '</div>';

    In this example:

    • We get the ID of the current post.
    • We call get_post_galleries_images() with this ID to retrieve all gallery images.
    • If there are galleries, we loop through each one.
    • For each gallery, we loop through its images and display them within a div element.

    This function is especially useful for customizing how galleries are displayed in your theme or for creating special features around gallery images.

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