Function and usage of get_post_gallery() in wordpress


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    The get_post_gallery() function in WordPress is used to check if a specified post contains a gallery, and if so, it returns the first gallery found. Here's a detailed explanation of its usage and parameters:

    Function Signature

    get_post_gallery( int|WP_Post $post, bool $html = true ): string|array


    1. $post (int | WP_Post, optional):

      • This parameter can either be a Post ID or a WP_Post object.
      • It specifies the post to be checked for a gallery.
      • The default value is the global $post variable, which refers to the current post in a WordPress loop.
    2. $html (bool, optional):

      • This is a boolean parameter that determines the format of the returned data.
      • If set to true, the function will return HTML content of the gallery.
      • If set to false, it returns an array containing gallery data.
      • The default value is true.

    Return Value

    • The return type of get_post_gallery() is either a string or an array, depending on the value of the $html parameter.
    • If $html is true, it returns a string with the HTML content of the gallery.
    • If $html is false, it returns an array containing the gallery data, including source URLs (src) of images.

    Sample Usage

    Example 1: Default Usage

    $gallery_html = get_post_gallery();
    echo $gallery_html; // This will print the HTML of the first gallery in the current post.

    This example uses the function with its default parameters. It retrieves the first gallery from the current post and outputs its HTML.

    Example 2: Specifying a Post ID and Returning Data Array

    $post_id = 123; // Assume 123 is the ID of the post you want to check
    $gallery_data = get_post_gallery($post_id, false);
    if (is_array($gallery_data)) {
        print_r($gallery_data); // This will print the array of gallery data

    In this example, the function is used to get the gallery data of a specific post by its ID. The data is returned as an array instead of HTML.


    • get_post_gallery() is useful for themes and plugins that need to extract gallery information from posts.
    • The function primarily interprets the [gallery] shortcode in WordPress posts.
    • This function does not output anything; it merely returns data. It's up to the developer to utilize this data as needed in their theme or plugin.


    get_post_gallery() is a versatile function in WordPress for handling galleries within posts. It offers flexibility in terms of input (post ID or object) and output format (HTML or data array), making it a valuable tool for WordPress theme and plugin developers.

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