Function and usage of get_post_to_edit() in wordpress


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    get_post_to_edit() is a function in WordPress that is used to retrieve an existing post from the database and format it for editing. This function is typically used in the WordPress admin area, where editors and administrators need to edit posts. Here's a detailed explanation:

    Function Signature:

    get_post_to_edit( int $id ): WP_Post


    • Function: get_post_to_edit()
    • Purpose: The function fetches an existing post from the WordPress database and formats it in a way that is suitable for editing. This involves preparing the post's data in a format that is easy to manipulate in the WordPress post editor.


    • When this function is called, it retrieves a post based on the provided post ID.
    • It prepares the post data for editing by formatting fields and content in a way that's compatible with the WordPress editor.
    • The function is often used in the backend of WordPress, particularly in custom plugins or themes that require post editing capabilities.


    • $id (int, required): This is the unique identifier for the post. It's a required parameter and specifies which post should be retrieved for editing.

    Return Value:

    • Type: WP_Post
    • Description: This function returns a WP_Post object. This object contains all the properties of the post, including its title, content, date, and other meta-information in a format that's suitable for editing.

    Usage Example:

    Here's a simple example of how get_post_to_edit() might be used in a WordPress plugin or theme:

    $post_id = 123; // Assume this is the ID of the post you want to edit.
    $editable_post = get_post_to_edit($post_id);
    if ($editable_post) {
        // Now $editable_post contains the post object for editing
        // You can access properties like $editable_post->post_title, $editable_post->post_content, etc.
        // Here, you can add your code to modify these properties or display them in a custom editor.

    In this example, we're assuming that you have a post with ID 123 that you want to edit. The function get_post_to_edit() is used to fetch the post, and then you can manipulate or display its properties as needed in your custom code.

    See Also:

    • get_post(): This is another WordPress function used to retrieve a post from the database, but it's more general-purpose and doesn't specifically format the post for editing like get_post_to_edit() does.

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