Function and usage of get_search_feed_link() in wordpress


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    The get_search_feed_link() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the permalink for the search results feed. Here's a detailed explanation of this function along with a sample usage:

    Function Prototype

    get_search_feed_link( string $search_query = "", string $feed = "" ): string

    Function Description

    • Purpose: This function generates a URL that links to the feed for a specific search query result in WordPress.
    • Usage: It's commonly used when you want to provide a feed for the results of a specific search term on your WordPress site.


    1. $search_query (string, optional): The search query string.
      • Default: An empty string (''), which means it uses the current search query if available.
    2. $feed (string, optional): Specifies the type of feed.
      • Possible Values: 'rss2', 'atom'.
      • Default: It defaults to whatever is returned by get_default_feed(), which is typically 'rss2'.

    Return Value

    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns the permalink (URL) for the feed of the search results based on the given query and feed type.

    Sample Usage

    // Example 1: Get RSS feed link for a specific search query
    $search_query = 'WordPress Tips';
    $rss_feed_link = get_search_feed_link($search_query, 'rss2');
    echo 'RSS Feed for Search: ' . $rss_feed_link;
    // Example 2: Get Atom feed link for a different search query
    $atom_feed_link = get_search_feed_link('Plugins', 'atom');
    echo 'Atom Feed for Search: ' . $atom_feed_link;
    // Example 3: Get default feed link for the current search query
    $default_feed_link = get_search_feed_link();
    echo 'Default Feed for Current Search: ' . $default_feed_link;

    In these examples:

    • The first example retrieves the RSS feed link for the search query "WordPress Tips".
    • The second example fetches the Atom feed link for the search query "Plugins".
    • The third example gets the feed link for the current search query in the default feed format set by get_default_feed().

    Contextual Usage

    This function is particularly useful for theme and plugin developers who want to provide users with the ability to subscribe to specific search results feeds on a WordPress website. It allows for dynamic generation of feed links based on user-defined search queries, enhancing content accessibility and engagement.

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