Function and usage of get_search_link() in wordpress


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    The get_search_link() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the permalink (permanent link) for a search result based on a query string. Here's a detailed explanation along with an example of how it is used:


    • Name: get_search_link()


    • Retrieves the permalink for a search result on a WordPress site.


    • $query (string, optional): The query string used for the search.
      • If this parameter is empty or not provided, the function uses the current query string.
      • Default value is an empty string ('').


    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns the permalink URL for the search results based on the specified or current query string.

    Usage Example:


    Imagine you have a WordPress website and you want to create a custom link that leads to the search results page for a specific query, say "WordPress tips".

    Sample Code:

    // Define the search query
    $search_query = 'WordPress tips';
    // Get the search permalink
    $search_link = get_search_link($search_query);
    // Output the search permalink
    echo 'Check out our search results for WordPress tips: ' . $search_link;


    1. Defining the Query: We start by defining our search query, in this case, 'WordPress tips'.

    2. Retrieving the Permalink: We use get_search_link($search_query) to retrieve the permalink for the search results related to "WordPress tips".

    3. Outputting the Link: Finally, we output the permalink. This will be a URL that directs users to the search results page for "WordPress tips" on the WordPress website.

    Additional Notes:

    • This function is useful for creating dynamic links to search results, especially in themes or plugins where you need to reference search results for specific queries.
    • Remember that the output depends on the search rewrite rules and permalink structure set in your WordPress settings.

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