Function and usage of get_shortcode_tags_in_content() in wordpress


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    The get_shortcode_tags_in_content() function in WordPress is a useful utility for extracting a list of registered shortcode names from a given string of content. Here's a detailed explanation and example usage:


    • Name: get_shortcode_tags_in_content
    • Purpose: Returns an array of registered shortcode names found in the provided content.


    This function is designed to parse a string of content and identify any registered WordPress shortcodes within it. It's particularly useful for developers who need to analyze content and identify which shortcodes are being used.

    Example Usage:

    In this example, the function is used to parse a string that contains some JavaScript code, a URL, and a couple of shortcodes ([audio] and [foo]). The function will scan this string and return an array containing the names of any recognized shortcodes.

    $result = get_shortcode_tags_in_content( 'document.createElement("audio"); http://file.mp3 [audio] [foo]' );
    // Expected result: array( 'audio', 'foo' )


    • $content (string, required): The content string that you want to check for shortcodes.


    • Type: string[]
    • Description: An array of registered shortcode names found in the content. This array will contain the names of the shortcodes as strings.


    • The function only identifies shortcodes that are registered in WordPress. If a shortcode is used in the content but not registered with WordPress, it won't be detected by this function.
    • It's a handy tool for developers who are working on plugins or themes and need to understand how content is being manipulated by shortcodes.

    This function simplifies the process of detecting shortcodes in content, making it easier for developers to handle or manipulate content in a WordPress environment.

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