Function and usage of get_sidebar() in wordpress


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    The get_sidebar() function in WordPress is a template tag used to include a sidebar template in your theme. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    • get_sidebar( string $name = null, array $args = array() ): void|false


    • This function is used to load a sidebar template into a WordPress theme.
    • It helps in adding a sidebar to the theme's layout, which is a common design element in many websites.
    • The function can include either the default sidebar or a specialized sidebar based on the specified name.


    1. $name (string, optional):

      • This is the name of the specialized sidebar to be included.
      • The default value is null, which means it will load the default sidebar (sidebar.php).
      • If a specific sidebar is required, for example, sidebar-special.php, you should specify the name as special.
    2. $args (array, optional):

      • These are additional arguments that can be passed to the sidebar template.
      • It’s an associative array of variables to be made available to the sidebar template.
      • The default value is an empty array.

    Return Value:

    • void|false
      • The function returns void on successful inclusion of the sidebar.
      • It returns false if the specified sidebar template does not exist.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Including the Default Sidebar:

      • This will include the sidebar.php file from your theme.
    2. Including a Specialized Sidebar:

      • This will look for and include sidebar-special.php.
    3. With Additional Arguments:

      get_sidebar('special', array('arg1' => 'value1', 'arg2' => 'value2'));
      • This will include sidebar-special.php and pass the specified arguments to it.

    Best Practices:

    • Ensure that the sidebar templates exist in your theme directory.
    • Naming convention is crucial. For a sidebar named special, the file should be sidebar-special.php.
    • Use this function within the WordPress loop or template files to maintain theme consistency.


    get_sidebar() is a versatile function for including sidebars in WordPress themes. It offers the flexibility to include different sidebars for different parts of your site, enhancing the site's design and functionality.

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