Function and usage of get_site() in wordpress


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    The get_site() function in WordPress is a useful tool for retrieving data about a specific site within a WordPress multisite network. Below is a detailed explanation of its function and usage:

    Function Prototype:

    get_site( WP_Site|int|null $site = null ): WP_Site|null

    Function Description:

    • Purpose: get_site() is used to retrieve data for a specific site in a WordPress multisite network.
    • Behavior: The function accesses the site data, which will be cached to improve performance. The data is then passed through a filter, allowing for customization or additional processing.
    • Default Behavior: If no specific site is provided (i.e., $site is null), the function defaults to using the current site that the code is being executed on.


    • $site (WP_Site|int|null) - Optional.
      • Type: Can be an object of WP_Site, an integer representing the site ID, or null.
      • Purpose: Specifies the site for which the data is to be retrieved.
      • Default Value: null. When default, the function retrieves the current site’s data.

    Return Value:

    • Type: WP_Site|null
      • Returns a WP_Site object containing the site's data if a valid site is found.
      • Returns null if the site is not found or the function fails to retrieve the site data.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Retrieving Current Site Data: If you want to get information about the current site, you can simply call the function without any arguments:

      $current_site = get_site();
    2. Retrieving Data for a Specific Site by ID: To get information about a specific site by its ID, pass the ID as an argument:

      $site_id = 2; // Assuming 2 is the ID of the site you want to retrieve
      $specific_site = get_site( $site_id );
    3. Using the Returned WP_Site Object: After retrieving the site data, you can access various properties of the WP_Site object:

      if ( $specific_site instanceof WP_Site ) {
          echo 'Site ID: ' . $specific_site->id;
          echo 'Site URL: ' . $specific_site->url;
          // Other properties and methods can be accessed similarly


    • This function is particularly useful in multisite setups where you may need to retrieve information about sites other than the one currently being accessed.
    • Remember to check if the returned value is a valid WP_Site object before attempting to access its properties to avoid errors.

    By understanding and using the get_site() function, developers can efficiently manage and interact with different sites within a WordPress multisite network.

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