Function and usage of get_sitemap_url() in wordpress


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    The get_sitemap_url() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve the full URL of a specific sitemap. This function is particularly useful when dealing with SEO and ensuring that search engines can easily find and index the content of a WordPress site. Here's a detailed breakdown of the function and an example of how to use it:

    Function Definition

    • Function Name: get_sitemap_url
    • Syntax: get_sitemap_url(string $name, string $subtype_name = '', int $page = 1): string|false


    1. $name (string, required): This is the name of the sitemap you want to retrieve. The name typically refers to a specific type of content or a specific section of your website for which the sitemap is generated.

    2. $subtype_name (string, optional): This parameter is used to specify the subtype of the sitemap. It's optional and defaults to an empty string. The subtype can refer to various categorizations within the main sitemap type, like different post types or categories in a posts sitemap.

    3. $page (int, optional): This parameter specifies the page number of the sitemap. Sitemaps can be paginated if they contain a large number of URLs. By default, this is set to 1, referring to the first page of the sitemap.

    Return Value

    • Return Type: string|false
    • The function returns the full URL of the sitemap if it exists. If the specified sitemap does not exist, it returns false.

    Sample Usage

    Let's say you want to retrieve the URL of the first page of the post sitemap. Here's how you would use get_sitemap_url():

    $sitemap_url = get_sitemap_url('post', '', 1);
    if ($sitemap_url !== false) {
        echo "Sitemap URL: " . $sitemap_url;
    } else {
        echo "Sitemap not found.";

    In this example, 'post' is the name of the sitemap, and we’re interested in the first page, so $page is set to 1. Since we're not specifying a subtype, $subtype_name is left as the default empty string. The function will return the URL of the post sitemap's first page, or false if it doesn't exist.

    This function is useful for programmatically accessing sitemap URLs, which can be essential for custom scripts or integrations that involve SEO optimizations and monitoring.

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