Function and usage of get_site_by_path() in wordpress


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    The get_site_by_path() function in WordPress is an essential tool for retrieving site objects based on their domain and path. This function is particularly useful in a multisite environment where multiple sites are hosted under the same WordPress installation. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:


    get_site_by_path( string $domain, string $path, int|null $segments = null ): WP_Site|false


    • The function get_site_by_path() is designed to find the closest matching site object based on a given domain and path.
    • It doesn't always return an exact match for the domain and path. Instead, the function breaks the domain and path into segments and uses these to find the closest possible match from the available sites.
    • The primary purpose of this function is to identify and match a site object during the initial bootstrapping phase for a requested site address in a WordPress multisite network.


    1. $domain (string - required):
      • The domain to be checked. This is the URL domain part without any path.
    2. $path (string - required):
      • The path for the site. This is the URL path component.
    3. $segments (int|null - optional):
      • Specifies the number of path segments to consider during the matching process.
      • If set to null, the function uses the full path for matching.
      • Defaults to null.

    Return Value:

    • WP_Site | false:
      • Returns a WP_Site object if a matching site is found.
      • Returns false if no matching site is found.

    Sample Usage:

    // Assuming you have a WordPress multisite setup
    $domain = '';
    $path = '/blog/';
    // Use get_site_by_path to find the closest matching site
    $site = get_site_by_path($domain, $path);
    if ($site instanceof WP_Site) {
        // Site found
        echo 'Site ID: ' . $site->id;
    } else {
        // No matching site found
        echo 'No site found for this domain and path';

    In this example, get_site_by_path() is used to find a site within a WordPress multisite network that closely matches the specified domain and path. The function returns either a WP_Site object if a match is found or false if no suitable site is found.

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