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    The get_site_meta() function in WordPress is a useful tool for retrieving metadata associated with a specific site in a WordPress multisite network. This function becomes particularly important in scenarios where you have multiple sites managed under a single WordPress installation and you need to access or manipulate custom metadata for these individual sites.

    Function Signature:

    get_site_meta( int $site_id, string $key = "", bool $single = false ): mixed


    1. $site_id (int, required): This is the ID of the site from which you want to retrieve metadata. It's essential that this is a valid numeric ID representing one of the sites in your multisite network.

    2. $key (string, optional): This parameter specifies the meta key for which you want to retrieve the value. If you leave it as the default (an empty string), the function will return all metadata associated with the specified site.

    3. $single (bool, optional): This boolean parameter determines how the metadata is returned. If set to true, the function will return a single value. If set to false (which is the default), it will return an array of values. It's important to note that this parameter only has an effect if $key is specified.

    Return Values:

    • Array of Values: If $single is false, it returns an array of values associated with the specified key.
    • Single Value: If $single is true, it returns the value of the specified metadata field.
    • false: If the $site_id is invalid (non-numeric, zero, or negative), the function returns false.
    • Empty String: If a valid but non-existing site ID is passed, it returns an empty string.

    Sample Usage:

    Example 1: Retrieve All Metadata for a Site

    $site_id = 1; // Example site ID
    $all_meta = get_site_meta($site_id);
    // $all_meta will be an associative array containing all meta key-value pairs for the site

    Example 2: Retrieve Specific Metadata for a Site

    $site_id = 1; // Example site ID
    $meta_key = 'custom_meta_key'; // Replace with your specific meta key
    $meta_value = get_site_meta($site_id, $meta_key, true);
    // $meta_value will contain the value for 'custom_meta_key'

    Important Notes:

    • The function is specifically designed for WordPress multisite installations.
    • It's crucial to ensure that $site_id is valid and corresponds to an existing site in the network.
    • The function provides flexibility in retrieving either specific or all metadata for a site.
    • Understanding and correctly using the $single parameter can help in fetching data in the desired format.

    This function is a part of the WordPress multisite functionality, which allows for the management and operation of multiple sites from a single WordPress installation. It's an essential tool for developers working with multisite networks, providing a straightforward way to access and manage site-specific data.

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