Function and usage of get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content() in wordpress


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    The get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content() function in WordPress is a specific function used to manage the content of the help sidebar on the Edit Site screens. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:

    Function Signature:

    get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content(): string


    This function is designed to retrieve the content that is displayed in the help sidebar on the Edit Site screens in WordPress. The Edit Site screens are part of the WordPress admin area where administrators can manage various aspects of the site.

    Return Value:

    The function returns a string. This string is the actual HTML content that is to be displayed in the help sidebar.



    get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content() is generally used in the context of WordPress's admin area, particularly on the Edit Site screens. It's part of the WordPress core and helps in rendering helpful information or guidance for site administrators.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a basic example of how this function might be used:

    // Get the help sidebar content for the Edit Site screen
    $help_sidebar_content = get_site_screen_help_sidebar_content();
    // Check if there is any content to display
    if (!empty($help_sidebar_content)) {
        echo '<div class="help-sidebar">';
        echo $help_sidebar_content;
        echo '</div>';

    In this example, the function is used to fetch the content for the help sidebar. We then check if the content is not empty. If there's content, we wrap it in a div and echo it out, which will render it on the page.


    • This function is a part of the WordPress core, so it's available in any standard WordPress installation.
    • The content returned by this function can be filtered or changed by plugins or themes, so the exact output might vary depending on the active WordPress environment.
    • It’s primarily useful for developers who are customizing the WordPress admin area or creating plugins that modify the default behavior or appearance of the WordPress admin screens.

    This function enhances the user experience by providing context-specific help in the WordPress admin area, making it easier for administrators to manage their site.

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