Function and usage of get_space_allowed() in wordpress


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    The get_space_allowed() function in WordPress is a straightforward function designed to retrieve the upload quota for the current blog. This function is particularly useful for WordPress multisite installations where each site or blog in the network may have a different upload quota.

    Here is a detailed explanation of the function:

    Function Signature:

    get_space_allowed(): int

    Function Purpose:

    • Primary Function: To return the upload quota for the current blog in a WordPress multisite network.
    • Context of Use: This function is typically used in WordPress multisite environments where each blog or site might have a specific upload limit set by the network administrator.

    Return Value:

    • Type: int (integer)
    • Description: The function returns the upload quota in megabytes (MB).
    • Example of Return Value: If the function returns 100, it means the current blog has an upload quota of 100 MB.

    Sample Usage:


    Suppose you are developing a custom WordPress plugin or a theme for a WordPress multisite network, and you need to check the upload quota for the current site to display a warning or a message to the user if they are nearing their limit.

    Code Example:

    // Function to check and display the upload quota
    function check_upload_quota() {
        $quota = get_space_allowed(); // Getting the upload quota in MB
        echo "Your upload quota is: " . $quota . " MB";
    // Usage

    In this example, the check_upload_quota() function calls get_space_allowed(), retrieves the upload quota for the current blog, and then echoes out a message displaying the quota in megabytes.

    This function is particularly useful for managing resources and providing users with clear information about their limitations within a WordPress multisite network.

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