Function and usage of get_theme_mods() in wordpress


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    The get_theme_mods() function in WordPress is a powerful tool used for retrieving all modifications made to a theme. This function is particularly useful when working with child themes or when you want to programmatically access the modifications that have been made to a theme through the WordPress Customizer.

    Function: get_theme_mods()


    • Functionality: This function fetches all the theme modifications/settings that have been saved for the currently active theme. These modifications are typically made through the WordPress Customizer interface by the website administrator.


    $mods = get_theme_mods();

    Return Value:

    • Type: Array
    • Description: It returns an associative array where each key represents a specific modification name and its corresponding value. If no modifications have been made or if the theme doesn't support modifications, it returns an empty array or false.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Fetching All Theme Modifications:

      $all_mods = get_theme_mods();
      if (!empty($all_mods)) {
          foreach ($all_mods as $mod_name => $mod_value) {
              echo 'Modification Name: ' . $mod_name . ', Value: ' . $mod_value . '<br>';
      } else {
          echo 'No modifications found.';

      In this example, we're retrieving all the theme modifications and iterating over them. For each modification, we print its name and value. This is useful for debugging or displaying current theme settings.

    2. Accessing a Specific Theme Modification:

      $all_mods = get_theme_mods();
      $specific_mod = $all_mods['some_mod_name'] ?? 'Default value';
      echo 'Specific Modification Value: ' . $specific_mod;

      Here, we're accessing a specific theme modification by its name (e.g., 'some_mod_name'). If the modification doesn't exist, a default value is used. This approach is useful for applying custom logic based on a specific theme setting.

    Best Practices and Considerations:

    • Caching: Since this function might be called multiple times, it's a good idea to cache the results to optimize performance.
    • Child Theme Compatibility: If you're using a child theme, get_theme_mods() will fetch modifications for the child theme, not the parent theme.
    • Security: Always sanitize and validate theme modifications if they're being outputted to the front end to prevent security issues.


    get_theme_mods() is a straightforward yet powerful function for accessing theme modifications in WordPress. It is essential for theme developers and can be used for customization, debugging, and extending theme functionalities.

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