Function and usage of get_theme_updates() in wordpress


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    The get_theme_updates() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve a list of themes that have updates available. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and usage:

    Function Definition

    • Function Name: get_theme_updates()
    • Return Type: array


    • Purpose: The primary purpose of this function is to check and retrieve a list of all the themes installed on your WordPress site that have updates available.
    • Working: When invoked, this function checks the WordPress theme repository to see if any of the installed themes have a newer version available. If updates are found, it returns an array containing the details of these themes.

    Return Value

    • Type: array
    • Contents: The returned array contains the theme objects that have updates available. Each object in the array typically includes details about the theme, such as its name, current version, and the available update version.

    Sample Usage

    Here's a simple example of how get_theme_updates() can be used in WordPress:

    $theme_updates = get_theme_updates();
    if (!empty($theme_updates)) {
        echo "Themes with available updates:" . PHP_EOL;
        foreach ($theme_updates as $theme_name => $theme_data) {
            echo "Theme: " . $theme_name . " - Current Version: " . $theme_data->Version . " - Update Version: " . $theme_data->update['new_version'] . PHP_EOL;
    } else {
        echo "All themes are up to date.";

    In this example:

    1. The get_theme_updates() function is called, and its return value is stored in the $theme_updates variable.
    2. We then check if the $theme_updates array is not empty, indicating that there are themes with updates available.
    3. If updates are available, we iterate through the $theme_updates array and print out the name of each theme, its current version, and the available update version.
    4. If there are no updates available, a message is displayed stating that all themes are up to date.

    This function is particularly useful for developers and administrators who want to programmatically monitor and manage theme updates in their WordPress environment.

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