Function and usage of get_the_archive_title() in wordpress


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    The get_the_archive_title() function in WordPress is used to retrieve the title of the archive page based on the queried object. This function is particularly useful when creating archive templates in WordPress themes, as it helps to dynamically display the correct title for different types of archives such as category, tag, author, or date archives.

    Function Signature:

    get_the_archive_title(): string


    • Function: get_the_archive_title()
    • Return Type: string
      • This function returns a string which is the title of the current archive.


    When you call get_the_archive_title(), it checks the type of archive page being displayed and returns the appropriate title. For example, if it's a category archive, it might return something like "Category: News", for a tag archive "Tag: Technology", for an author archive "Author: John Doe", and for a date archive "Month: June 2020".

    Sample Usage:

    Here's how you might use get_the_archive_title() in an archive template file in a WordPress theme:

        // Check if we're on an archive page
        if ( is_archive() ) {
            // Retrieve and display the archive title
            echo '<h1>' . get_the_archive_title() . '</h1>';

    In this example, the function is wrapped in an is_archive() conditional check to ensure that the code only runs on archive pages. If the current page is an archive page, it retrieves the archive title and echoes it inside an <h1> tag.

    This function is very useful for theme developers who want to provide a dynamic, context-aware title for their archive pages, enhancing the user experience and the overall cohesiveness of the theme.

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