Function and usage of get_the_author_meta() in wordpress


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    The get_the_author_meta() function in WordPress is a powerful tool for retrieving various data about the author of a current post. Here's a detailed explanation of its function and usage:


    • Name: get_the_author_meta()
    • Purpose: Retrieves the requested data of the author of the current post.


    This function allows you to fetch specific information (metadata) about the author of a post. You can retrieve a wide range of data, as specified by the $field parameter. The function is versatile and supports numerous fields.

    Valid $field Values:

    These are the fields you can specify to retrieve information:

    1. admin_color
    2. aim
    3. comment_shortcuts
    4. description
    5. display_name
    6. first_name
    7. ID
    8. jabber
    9. last_name
    10. nickname
    11. plugins_last_view
    12. plugins_per_page
    13. rich_editing
    14. syntax_highlighting
    15. user_activation_key
    16. user_description
    17. user_email
    18. user_firstname
    19. user_lastname
    20. user_level
    21. user_login
    22. user_nicename
    23. user_pass
    24. user_registered
    25. user_status
    26. user_url
    27. yim


    1. $field (string, optional): The user field to retrieve. The default value is an empty string.
    2. $user_id (int | false, optional): The User ID. If not provided, it defaults to the author of the current post. The default value is false.


    • Type: string
    • Description: The function returns the value of the author’s field from the current author’s database object. If the requested field is not found or if the author does not exist, it returns an empty string.

    Sample Usage:

    To use get_the_author_meta(), you can include it in your WordPress theme or plugin code. Here's an example of how it can be used:

    // Retrieve and display the display name of the post's author
    $author_display_name = get_the_author_meta('display_name');
    echo 'Author: ' . esc_html($author_display_name);

    In this example, get_the_author_meta('display_name') retrieves the display name of the author of the current post. The esc_html() function is used for sanitization before outputting the name to the browser, which is a good security practice in WordPress development.

    Remember that the actual data retrieved will depend on the fields set for each user in the WordPress database.

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