Function and usage of get_the_author_posts() in wordpress


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    The get_the_author_posts() function in WordPress is a simple yet useful tool for retrieving the number of posts authored by the author of the current post. This function is particularly handy in scenarios where you want to display the number of contributions a particular author has made, often used in author bio sections, or to highlight prolific authors on a blog. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage:


    get_the_author_posts(): int


    • Retrieves the number of posts published by the author of the current post.

    Return Value:

    • int: The number of posts authored by the author.

    Context of Use:

    • This function is typically used within The Loop, a WordPress code block that displays posts. When used within The Loop, it automatically targets the author of the current post.

    Sample Usage:

    Let's say you have a blog where each post's author information is displayed, and you want to include the total number of posts they've written. You can use get_the_author_posts() in your theme's template file (like single.php or author.php) to achieve this.

    if ( have_posts() ) {
        while ( have_posts() ) {
            // Display the author's name
            echo 'Post by: ' . get_the_author();
            // Use get_the_author_posts() to fetch post count
            $author_posts_count = get_the_author_posts();
            echo ' | Total Posts: ' . $author_posts_count;


    • Remember, this function should be used within The Loop, as it relies on global variables set by the loop to determine the current post's author.
    • The function counts all types of posts by the author, including published, draft, and private posts.

    This function is part of the WordPress template tags, a set of functions designed to extract data and display it on WordPress themes. It's a straightforward yet powerful tool for enhancing the dynamic capabilities of your WordPress site.

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