Function and usage of get_the_privacy_policy_link() in wordpress


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    The get_the_privacy_policy_link() function in WordPress is designed to retrieve and display the privacy policy link on a WordPress site, complete with optional formatting elements before and after the link. This function is particularly useful for theme developers or WordPress site administrators who need to include a privacy policy link in their site's footer or within any page content, complying with legal requirements and best practices for user privacy.

    Function Signature

    get_the_privacy_policy_link( string $before = '', string $after = '' ): string


    • $before (string, optional): This parameter allows you to specify any content or HTML markup that should appear before the privacy policy link. The default value is an empty string (''), meaning nothing will be displayed before the link by default.
    • $after (string, optional): Similar to $before, this parameter lets you specify content or HTML markup to be displayed after the privacy policy link. It also defaults to an empty string ('').

    Return Value

    • Return Type: string
    • This function returns a string containing the markup for the privacy policy link, including any content specified in the $before and $after parameters. If a privacy policy page is not set or does not exist on the site, the function returns an empty string.

    Usage Example

    Here's how you might use get_the_privacy_policy_link() in a WordPress theme:

    // Example usage of get_the_privacy_policy_link()
    // Define content to display before and after the privacy policy link
    $before_link = '<div class="privacy-policy-link">';
    $after_link = '</div>';
    // Fetch and display the privacy policy link with the specified formatting
    echo get_the_privacy_policy_link($before_link, $after_link);

    In this example, the privacy policy link will be wrapped within a <div> element with a class of privacy-policy-link. This is useful for styling the link with CSS. If there is no privacy policy page set up, nothing will be output.


    • It's important to set up a privacy policy page in WordPress for this function to return a link. This can typically be done in the WordPress admin dashboard under Settings → Privacy.
    • This function is a part of WordPress's commitment to privacy and data protection, especially important considering various global data protection laws like GDPR.

    By using get_the_privacy_policy_link(), WordPress developers can ensure that their themes or plugins correctly and consistently link to the site's privacy policy, a key aspect of user trust and legal compliance.

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