Function and usage of get_upload_space_available() in wordpress


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    The get_upload_space_available() function in WordPress is used to determine the amount of upload space that is still available within the current blog's quota. This function is particularly useful in a WordPress Multisite network where each site/blog might have a specific storage limit.

    Function Signature:

    get_upload_space_available(): int


    • Purpose: To calculate the remaining upload space available for a WordPress site, especially in a multisite network setting.
    • Return Value: This function returns an integer representing the number of bytes available for uploading. If there is no limit set, it might return a very large value.


    1. Checking Available Space: You can use this function to check how much space is left in the site's upload quota. This is useful for limiting user uploads or giving warnings when the space is running low.

    2. Integration with Upload Forms: Before allowing file uploads, you might want to use this function to verify if the user can upload a file of a certain size.

    3. Admin Dashboards and Monitoring: In an admin dashboard or monitoring tool, this function can be used to display the remaining upload capacity of each site in a Multisite network.

    Sample Code:

    // Check available upload space
    $available_space = get_upload_space_available();
    if ( $available_space > 0 ) {
        echo 'You have ' . size_format($available_space) . ' of space left for uploads.';
    } else {
        echo 'Your upload space is full.';


    • Multisite Environment: This function is particularly relevant in a WordPress Multisite setup where each site might have a set quota.
    • Size Formatting: The function size_format() can be used to convert bytes into a human-readable format (KB, MB, GB).


    The get_upload_space_available() function is a handy tool for managing and monitoring the upload capacity of WordPress sites, especially in a Multisite network. It helps in efficiently utilizing the available storage and ensuring that site administrators are aware of the remaining upload capacity.

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