Function and usage of get_url_in_content() in wordpress


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    The get_url_in_content() function in WordPress is designed to extract and return the first URL found within a given string content. Here's a detailed explanation and a sample usage of this function:


    • Name: get_url_in_content()
    • Purpose: Extracts and returns the first URL from the passed content.


    • $content (string, required): This parameter accepts a string which potentially contains a URL. The function scans this string to find and extract the first URL it encounters.


    • Type: string|false
    • Description: The function returns the found URL as a string. If no URL is found in the content, it returns false.

    Sample Usage:

    // Sample content with URLs
    $content = "Check out this website: It has great resources.";
    // Using get_url_in_content() to extract the first URL
    $first_url = get_url_in_content($content);
    // Check if a URL was found and display it
    if ($first_url !== false) {
        echo "The first URL in the content is: " . $first_url;
    } else {
        echo "No URL found in the content.";

    In this example, $content contains a string that includes a URL. The get_url_in_content() function is called with $content as its parameter. It scans the string and extracts the first URL it finds, which in this case is The result is stored in $first_url. The subsequent if-else block checks if a URL was successfully found and either displays the found URL or a message indicating that no URL was found.

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