Function and usage of get_user_details() in wordpress


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    The get_user_details() function in WordPress is a deprecated function that was used to retrieve user information. However, it's important to note that this function has been deprecated, meaning it's no longer recommended for use in current WordPress development. Instead, the recommended function is get_user_by(). Here's a detailed explanation and comparison of the two functions:


    • Functionality: Used to retrieve detailed information about a user.
    • Parameters:
      • $username (string, required): The username of the user whose details are to be retrieved.
    • Usage:
      $user_details = get_user_details( 'username' );
    • Deprecation: This function has been deprecated in favor of get_user_by(). Using deprecated functions is generally not recommended as they may be removed in future versions of WordPress.


    • Functionality: A modern and recommended function to retrieve user information.
    • Parameters:
      • $field (string): The field to retrieve the user with. Common fields are 'id', 'slug', 'email', or 'login'.
      • $value (mixed): The value of the field.
    • Usage:
      $user = get_user_by( 'login', 'username' );
    • Advantages: It is a part of the current WordPress core and is maintained, providing more reliability and compatibility with the latest WordPress versions.

    Sample Usage of get_user_details()

    Even though it's deprecated, here's an example of how get_user_details() was used:

    $username = 'john_doe';
    $user_details = get_user_details($username);
    if ($user_details) {
        // Access various properties
        echo $user_details->user_email;
        echo $user_details->first_name;
        // Other properties

    Sample Usage of get_user_by()

    Here's how you should retrieve user details using get_user_by():

    $username = 'john_doe';
    $user = get_user_by('login', $username);
    if ($user) {
        // Access properties
        echo $user->user_email;
        echo $user->first_name;
        // Other properties


    While get_user_details() can still be found in older WordPress code, it's highly recommended to use get_user_by() for any new development or when updating existing code. This ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress standards and features.

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