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    The has_site_icon() function in WordPress is used to determine whether a specific site (usually within a WordPress multisite network) has a Site Icon (also known as a favicon) set or not. This function is particularly useful when you're developing themes or plugins that might need to change behavior or display based on the presence of a Site Icon.

    Function Signature:

    has_site_icon( int $blog_id ): bool


    • $blog_id (int, optional): This is the ID of the blog for which you want to check the presence of a Site Icon. In the context of a WordPress multisite installation, each site in the network has its own unique blog ID. If you're working on a standard WordPress installation (not a multisite), or if you're checking for the current blog in a multisite network, you don't need to specify this parameter. The default value is the current blog.

    Return Value:

    • bool: The function returns a boolean value (true or false). It returns true if the site identified by $blog_id has a Site Icon set, and false if not.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Checking for the Current Blog: If you want to check if the current blog has a Site Icon, you can simply call the function without any parameters:

      if ( has_site_icon() ) {
          echo "This site has a Site Icon set.";
      } else {
          echo "No Site Icon found for this site.";
    2. Checking for a Specific Blog in a Multisite Network: If you are working with a multisite setup and want to check if a specific blog (identified by its blog ID) has a Site Icon, you pass the blog ID as a parameter:

      $specific_blog_id = 3; // Example blog ID
      if ( has_site_icon( $specific_blog_id ) ) {
          echo "Blog with ID $specific_blog_id has a Site Icon.";
      } else {
          echo "No Site Icon found for blog with ID $specific_blog_id.";

    Practical Applications:

    • Theme Development: In a theme, you might want to provide a default Site Icon if the user hasn't set one.
    • Plugin Development: A plugin might use this function to decide whether to display a Site Icon in a custom widget or in the dashboard.

    This function is a part of WordPress's theme customization API and is particularly useful for ensuring consistent branding across a site or network of sites.

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