Function and usage of image_resize_dimensions() in wordpress


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    The image_resize_dimensions() function in WordPress is used to calculate the dimensions for resizing an image. This function is typically used in conjunction with the WP_Image_Editor class for handling image manipulation. Here's a detailed explanation of the function and its parameters:


    • Name: image_resize_dimensions
    • Purpose: Retrieves calculated resize dimensions for use in WP_Image_Editor.


    • This function calculates the dimensions and coordinates for a resized image that fits within a specified width and height. It's particularly useful when you need to resize an image for various purposes, like creating thumbnails, optimizing for web, etc.


    1. $orig_w (int, required): The original width of the image in pixels.
    2. $orig_h (int, required): The original height of the image in pixels.
    3. $dest_w (int, required): The new desired width of the image in pixels.
    4. $dest_h (int, required): The new desired height of the image in pixels.
    5. $crop (bool|array, optional): This parameter defines the image cropping behavior.
      • If set to false (default), the image will be scaled to fit within the specified dimensions.
      • If set to true, the image will be cropped to the exact specified dimensions, using the center position for cropping.
      • If an array is provided, it specifies the crop position with two values:
        • The first value (string) is the x-axis crop position, accepting 'left', 'center', or 'right'.
        • The second value (string) is the y-axis crop position, accepting 'top', 'center', or 'bottom'.


    • Type: array|false
    • The function returns an array that matches the parameters for the imagecopyresampled() function, which is used for resampling and resizing the image. The array includes the dimensions and coordinates for the resized image.
    • Returns false upon failure, for instance, if the calculations for resizing cannot be performed.

    Sample Usage:

    $original_width = 800;  // example original width
    $original_height = 600; // example original height
    $desired_width = 400;   // desired new width
    $desired_height = 300;  // desired new height
    $crop = true;           // crop the image to the exact size
    $resized_dimensions = image_resize_dimensions($original_width, $original_height, $desired_width, $desired_height, $crop);
    if ($resized_dimensions) {
        // Resize the image using the calculated dimensions
        // This typically involves creating a new image and using imagecopyresampled()
    } else {
        // Handle failure to calculate dimensions

    In this example, $resized_dimensions will contain the necessary parameters to resize and (if chosen) crop the image to fit within the specified 400x300 pixel dimensions.

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