Function and usage of image_size_input_fields() in wordpress


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    The image_size_input_fields() function in WordPress is used for retrieving HTML code for size radio buttons, particularly in the context of media attachment pages. This function simplifies the process of generating the appropriate HTML for selecting image sizes. Here's a detailed explanation:


    image_size_input_fields( WP_Post $post, bool|string $check = '' ): array


    • Purpose: Generates the HTML for size radio buttons for a given media attachment (WP_Post object), with a specified option pre-selected ($check).
    • Functionality: It's typically used in the media attachment editing interface, where users can choose different sizes for an image.


    1. $post (WP_Post required):

      • Type: WP_Post object.
      • Description: This is the WordPress Post object, specifically representing a media attachment. The function uses this object to determine available image sizes for that particular attachment.
    2. $check (bool|string optional):

      • Type: Boolean or String.
      • Default value: '' (empty string).
      • Description: Determines which size option should be pre-selected. If set to a specific size (e.g., 'thumbnail', 'medium', etc.), that size will be checked by default. If set to true, the default size (as determined by WordPress settings) will be checked. If false or an empty string, no size will be pre-selected.


    • Type: array
    • Contents: The function returns an associative array containing the HTML code for each size radio button. The keys of the array correspond to the size names (e.g., 'thumbnail', 'medium', etc.), and the values are the HTML strings for the respective radio buttons.

    Example Usage:

    Here's a sample code snippet to demonstrate how image_size_input_fields() might be used:

    $post = get_post(); // Retrieve the current post object, assuming it's an attachment
    // Use the function to get size input fields with 'medium' size pre-selected
    $size_fields = image_size_input_fields($post, 'medium');
    // Output the HTML for the size radio buttons
    foreach ($size_fields as $size => $html) {
        echo $html;

    In this example, the function is called with the current post (assuming it's an attachment) and specifies that the 'medium' size should be checked by default. It then iterates over the returned array to output the HTML for each size option.

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