Function and usage of install_global_terms() in wordpress


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    The install_global_terms() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress multisite network features. It's designed to synchronize the taxonomy terms across all sites in a multisite network. This function ensures that the same term IDs are used for the same terms across the network.

    Function Overview

    • Name: install_global_terms()
    • Purpose: To synchronize taxonomy terms across a WordPress multisite network.
    • Use Case: Primarily used in a multisite setup where consistent term IDs across sites are necessary.

    How It Works

    1. Global Terms Table: The function works by maintaining a global terms table in the WordPress database.
    2. Synchronization: When a term is added or updated on one site, install_global_terms() ensures that the changes are reflected across all sites in the network with the same term ID.
    3. Consistency: This maintains consistency, especially when terms are called or referenced in themes, plugins, or custom code.

    Sample Usage

    Here's a hypothetical example of how install_global_terms() might be used:


    Suppose you have a WordPress multisite network for an educational organization with different sites for each department (e.g., History, Mathematics, Literature). You want to ensure that when a term like "Online Courses" is added in the Literature site, it is recognized with the same term ID across all other department sites.


    1. Setup Multisite Network: Ensure that WordPress multisite is enabled and configured.
    2. Enable Global Terms: In your network's setup, invoke install_global_terms() to start synchronizing terms across the network.
    3. Add or Update Terms: Now, when a term is added or updated on any site within the network, the changes are synchronized. For example, if "Online Courses" is added as a category in Literature, the same term ID is used for "Online Courses" in History, Mathematics, and other sites.


    • Version Compatibility: Check WordPress version compatibility as the function and its behavior might change.
    • Performance: In large networks, consider the performance impact of synchronizing terms.
    • Use Case Specificity: This function is specific to multisite networks and may not be relevant for single-site installations.


    install_global_terms() is a specialized function useful for maintaining consistent taxonomy terms across a WordPress multisite network. Its primary role is to ensure that the same terms across different sites in the network share the same IDs, facilitating easier management and usage of these terms in various contexts.

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