Function and usage of install_network() in wordpress


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    The install_network() function in WordPress is a crucial part of setting up a WordPress Multisite network. This function is used to configure the necessary database tables and settings for a multisite network.

    Function: install_network()

    • Purpose: The primary purpose of install_network() is to install and set up the network components of a WordPress multisite environment. This involves creating new database tables and configuring network-wide settings.
    • Usage: This function is typically called during the setup process of a WordPress multisite network. It's not something that a theme or plugin developer would generally call directly. Instead, it's used internally by WordPress during the Multisite setup process.
    • Parameters: The install_network() function does not take any parameters.
    • Return Values: This function does not return any value.
    • Important Notes:
      • It's crucial to ensure that the WordPress installation is compatible with Multisite before calling this function.
      • The function should be used in conjunction with other setup steps, including configuring wp-config.php and .htaccess for network settings.
      • It requires sufficient permissions on the server to modify database tables.

    Sample Usage:

    The install_network() function is generally used as part of the setup process for a WordPress Multisite Network. Here's a high-level overview of how it's typically used:

    1. Prepare WordPress:

      • Ensure that you have a standard WordPress installation.
      • Make sure that the server environment meets the requirements for WordPress Multisite.
    2. Configure wp-config.php:

      • Edit the wp-config.php file to enable Multisite features by adding define('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);
    3. Access Network Setup:

      • Go to the WordPress admin area.
      • Navigate to Tools → Network Setup.
    4. Install the Network:

      • Follow the instructions in the Network Setup to configure your network.
      • As part of this process, WordPress will internally call install_network() to set up the necessary database tables and network settings.
    5. Complete the Setup:

      • Edit the wp-config.php and .htaccess files again as instructed by the Network Setup page.
      • This finalizes the setup process, enabling the Multisite network features.


    While install_network() is a critical function for setting up a WordPress Multisite network, it's not typically used directly by developers or administrators. Instead, it's a part of the automated process handled by WordPress when a Multisite network is being configured through the Network Setup interface in the WordPress admin area.

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