Function and usage of install_plugins_favorites_form() in wordpress


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    The install_plugins_favorites_form() function in WordPress is designed to display a username form on the favorites page within the WordPress admin area. This functionality is particularly useful for managing and accessing favorite plugins.

    Function Overview:

    • Name: install_plugins_favorites_form()
    • Purpose: To show a username form on the favorites page of the plugin installation section in the WordPress admin dashboard.
    • Use Case: This function is typically used for allowing users to enter a username to retrieve a list of plugins they have marked as favorites on the plugin repository.

    Sample Usage:

    To understand how install_plugins_favorites_form() works, let's consider a typical scenario in the WordPress admin area:

    1. Navigation to Plugin Page: A user navigates to the plugin installation page in the WordPress admin area.

    2. Display of Favorites Form: The install_plugins_favorites_form() function is called to display a form where the user can enter their username.

    3. Form Submission: The user enters their username and submits the form.

    4. Retrieving Favorites: Upon submission, the function fetches the list of plugins that the user has marked as favorites on

    5. Displaying Favorites: The favorite plugins are then displayed on the page, allowing the user to easily install them if desired.

    Code Example:

    // Inside the WordPress admin plugin page
    function display_favorites_form() {
        // Check if the current user has the right capability to install plugins
        if ( current_user_can( 'install_plugins' ) ) {
            // Call the function to display the form
    // This function can be hooked into WordPress at an appropriate action hook
    add_action( 'some_action_hook', 'display_favorites_form' );

    In this example, the display_favorites_form() function checks if the current user has the necessary capability to install plugins. If they do, it calls install_plugins_favorites_form() to display the form. This setup can be hooked into WordPress using an appropriate action hook.

    This function is a part of the WordPress Plugin API and is used to enhance the plugin installation experience by integrating a personalized list of favorite plugins for each user.

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