Function and usage of install_plugin_information() in wordpress


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    The install_plugin_information() function in WordPress is used to display detailed information about a plugin in a dialog box format. This function is typically used within the WordPress admin area to present users with information about plugins that they might want to install or learn more about.

    Function Overview:

    • Function Name: install_plugin_information()
    • Purpose: To display detailed information about a specific plugin in a dialog box.
    • Location of Use: Primarily used in the WordPress admin area, especially in the plugin installation screens.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's a hypothetical example of how install_plugin_information() could be used:

    1. Admin Plugin Page: Suppose you're on the WordPress admin plugin page where you can search and install new plugins.
    2. Choosing a Plugin: When you choose a plugin from the list, you might click on a "More Details" link associated with that plugin.
    3. Triggering the Function: Clicking on "More Details" might trigger the install_plugin_information() function.
    4. Dialog Box Display: The function then retrieves detailed information about the chosen plugin, such as its description, version, author, ratings, etc., and displays this in a dialog box format.
    5. Interaction: Within this dialog box, you can read about the plugin, see screenshots if available, and get other relevant information that can help you decide whether to install it.

    Example Code:

    In a plugin development context, the function might be integrated like this:

    // Hypothetical function call - this is not actual code
    show_plugin_details_button('plugin-slug', 'View Details');
    // When the 'View Details' button is clicked, this could trigger
    function show_plugin_details() {
        // Function to get plugin information

    Important Notes:

    • Context-Specific: This function is usually tied to specific WordPress hooks and is context-specific to the admin area.
    • Not for Front-End Use: It's not designed to be used on the front-end of a WordPress site.
    • WordPress Version Compatibility: Always ensure compatibility with the WordPress version you are using, as functions can change between versions.


    install_plugin_information() is a useful function for plugin developers and WordPress administrators, allowing them to present comprehensive information about plugins in an easily accessible and user-friendly dialog box format. This enhances the user experience by providing essential information needed for making informed decisions about plugin installations.

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