Function and usage of install_popular_tags() in wordpress


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    The install_popular_tags() function in WordPress is used to retrieve popular tags associated with WordPress plugins. This function can be particularly useful for developers or website administrators who want to stay informed about trending plugin tags, which can indicate popular functionalities or features in the WordPress ecosystem.

    Function Signature:

    install_popular_tags( array $args = array() ): array|WP_Error


    • $args (array, optional): This is an array of arguments. It's optional, and its default value is an empty array (array()). These arguments can be used to modify the behavior of the function, such as specifying the number of tags to retrieve.


    • The function returns either an array or a WP_Error object.
      • If successful, it returns an array of popular tags. Each tag in the array is typically a string representing a popular tag in the WordPress plugin repository.
      • If there is an error (for example, a problem in connecting to the WordPress plugin repository or invalid arguments), it returns a WP_Error object.

    Sample Usage:

    Here's an example of how you might use install_popular_tags():

    // Example usage of install_popular_tags()
    // Setting arguments (optional)
    $args = array(
        'number' => 10 // For example, retrieve the top 10 popular tags
    // Fetching popular tags
    $popular_tags = install_popular_tags( $args );
    // Checking if the return is an array and not an error
    if ( is_array( $popular_tags ) ) {
        // Loop through the tags and display them
        foreach ( $popular_tags as $tag ) {
            echo $tag . '<br>';
    } else {
        // Handle the error
        echo 'Error: ' . $popular_tags->get_error_message();

    In this example:

    • $args is an array where you can specify the number of tags to retrieve. Here, it's set to fetch the top 10 tags.
    • The install_popular_tags() function is called with these arguments.
    • The function returns an array of popular tags if successful, which are then displayed.
    • If an error occurs, the error message is displayed.

    This function is useful for developers building plugins or themes who want to align their products with current trends or for website administrators interested in exploring popular plugin functionalities.

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