Function and usage of install_themes_dashboard() in wordpress


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    The install_themes_dashboard() function in WordPress is designed for managing the appearance of the theme installation interface, particularly in the WordPress admin dashboard. It primarily focuses on displaying a tags filter for themes, enabling users to easily sort and find themes based on specific tags or categories. This function is a part of the WordPress Theme Installation API.

    Here's a detailed explanation and sample usage:

    Function Overview

    • Function Name: install_themes_dashboard()
    • Purpose: To display the tags filter interface in the WordPress admin dashboard for theme installation.
    • Location in WordPress: This function is typically located within the theme installation section of the WordPress dashboard.

    Function Behavior

    • When called, install_themes_dashboard() generates a user interface element within the WordPress dashboard.
    • This element consists of a series of tags or categories, which users can select to filter the available themes.
    • The function retrieves tags associated with themes available in the WordPress Theme Directory.
    • Users can click on these tags to refine their theme search according to features, layout styles, specific functionalities, etc.

    Sample Usage

      // Typical usage within a WordPress dashboard customization
      function my_dashboard_customization() {
          // ... other dashboard customizations ...
          // Displaying the theme tags filter
          // ... additional code or functions ...
      // Hooking the customization function into WordPress dashboard setup
      add_action('admin_init', 'my_dashboard_customization');

    In this sample code, the function my_dashboard_customization() is created to customize the WordPress admin dashboard. Inside this function, install_themes_dashboard() is called to add the theme tags filter section. The whole function is then hooked into the WordPress admin initialization process using add_action.


    • This function is mainly used by developers customizing the WordPress admin interface.
    • It should be used within the context of the admin dashboard, typically in conjunction with other customization functions.
    • It's important to understand that this function is part of the internal WordPress API and should be used in accordance with WordPress coding standards and practices.

    This function is a great tool for streamlining the theme selection process in WordPress, making it more user-friendly, especially for users who are looking for themes with specific features or design elements.

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