Function and usage of install_themes_feature_list() in wordpress


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    The install_themes_feature_list() function in WordPress is a part of the WordPress Theme Repository system. This function is used to retrieve the list of theme features, also known as theme tags, which are available in the WordPress theme directory. Here's a detailed explanation of its functionality and a sample usage:

    Function: install_themes_feature_list()

    Return Type:

    • Array


    • This function fetches an array of available theme features (tags) from the WordPress theme directory.
    • These features are used to filter and sort themes based on specific criteria like color, layout, features, and subject.
    • It's particularly useful for theme developers and users who want to search for themes with specific features in the WordPress dashboard.


    The function is typically used in the context of the WordPress admin area, especially in the theme installation or customization sections. It's not commonly used in theme or plugin development for front-end purposes.

    Here's a sample usage of the function:

    // Sample usage of install_themes_feature_list()
    function get_theme_features() {
        $features = install_themes_feature_list();
        if (is_array($features)) {
            echo '<ul>';
            foreach ($features as $feature) {
                echo '<li>' . esc_html($feature) . '</li>';
            echo '</ul>';
    // This function can be called to display the list of theme features

    Sample Output:

    This function would output a list of theme features available in the WordPress theme directory. The actual output depends on the features defined by WordPress at the time of the function call. It might include items like:

    • Responsive Layout
    • E-commerce Ready
    • Custom Headers
    • RTL Language Support

    Important Notes:

    • This function is mostly used in the backend and is not intended for front-end theme or plugin development.
    • The output and availability of features are subject to change based on the WordPress theme directory's current state.
    • It's a part of WordPress's theme installation API, used for browsing and installing themes directly from the WordPress admin area.

    Remember that the actual use of this function and its output might vary based on the WordPress version and the state of the theme directory at the time of its use.

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