Function and usage of install_theme_information() in wordpress


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    The install_theme_information() function in WordPress is used to display detailed information about a theme in a dialog box. This function is particularly useful when you are browsing themes in the WordPress admin panel and want to get more information about a specific theme.

    Function Details:

    • Purpose: To show a dialog box containing detailed information about a WordPress theme.
    • Where It's Used: Typically used in the WordPress admin area, specifically in the theme installer section.
    • How It Works: When a user clicks on a theme's details in the theme installer, this function generates a dialog box that pops up and shows detailed information about the theme, including its name, description, version, author, and possibly a preview image or screenshots.

    Sample Usage:

    The install_theme_information() function is generally hooked into WordPress's theme browsing interface and is not typically called directly in theme or plugin code. However, its behavior is part of the WordPress core, so it's automatically available when you are browsing themes in the admin panel.

    For example, when you are in the WordPress admin dashboard under Appearance > Themes, and you click on the "Theme Details" button for any theme, WordPress calls install_theme_information() to fetch and display detailed information about that theme.


    While you can't directly modify install_theme_information(), you can potentially customize how theme information is presented by using other hooks or filters provided by WordPress to alter the appearance or content of the theme details dialog box.

    For advanced users or developers, understanding how install_theme_information() works can be useful for creating custom theme browsing experiences, especially in situations where you might be developing a custom admin panel or a theme marketplace.


    install_theme_information() is an essential function for providing a user-friendly interface in the WordPress theme installation process, making it easier for users to find and learn more about available themes.

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