Function and usage of iso8601_timezone_to_offset() in wordpress


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    The iso8601_timezone_to_offset() function in WordPress is designed to convert an ISO 8601 timezone string into its corresponding UTC offset in seconds. Here's a detailed breakdown of its functionality and usage:


    iso8601_timezone_to_offset( string $timezone ): int|float


    This function takes an ISO 8601 formatted timezone string and converts it into the number of seconds offset from UTC.


    • $timezone (string, required): This parameter accepts the timezone in ISO 8601 format. The format can be either:
      • 'Z' which stands for Zulu time, meaning an offset of 0 seconds (UTC time).
      • '±hhmm' format, where 'hh' represents the hour and 'mm' the minutes offset from UTC. The '±' sign indicates whether the timezone is ahead (+) or behind (-) UTC.

    Return Value:

    • int|float: The function returns the offset in seconds. This will be an integer if the offset is in whole hours, and a float if there are additional minutes in the offset.

    Sample Usage:

    1. Zero Offset (UTC Time):

      $offset = iso8601_timezone_to_offset('Z');
      // $offset will be 0
    2. Positive Offset:

      $offset = iso8601_timezone_to_offset('+0200');
      // $offset will be 7200 (2 hours * 3600 seconds/hour)
    3. Negative Offset:

      $offset = iso8601_timezone_to_offset('-0430');
      // $offset will be -16200 (-4 hours * 3600 - 30 minutes * 60 seconds)
    4. Half-hour Offset:

      $offset = iso8601_timezone_to_offset('+0130');
      // $offset will be 5400 (1 hour * 3600 seconds/hour + 30 minutes * 60 seconds)

    Practical Application:

    This function is particularly useful in WordPress development when handling data with time information from different time zones. By converting the timezone to a UTC offset, it allows for consistent time comparisons and calculations across various time zones.

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