Function and usage of is_attachment() in wordpress


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    The is_attachment() function in WordPress is a conditional tag used to determine if the query being made is for an existing attachment page. An attachment in WordPress typically refers to any file that has been uploaded through the WordPress media upload system, such as images, videos, audio files, or PDFs. These files, once uploaded, are attached to a specific post or page and have their own individual URLs, known as attachment pages.

    Here's a detailed explanation of is_attachment():


    is_attachment( int|string|int[]|string[] $attachment = ” ): bool


    • Purpose: The primary purpose of is_attachment() is to check if the current query is for an existing attachment page. It's commonly used in WordPress themes and plugins to customize the behavior or display based on whether or not the current page is an attachment page.
    • Usage Context: This function is typically used within The Loop or outside The Loop in WordPress to check the type of the current page or post.
    • Theme Development: It is particularly useful in theme development for adding specific styling or layout for attachment pages. For a deeper understanding and examples, it’s recommended to refer to the Conditional Tags section in the Theme Developer Handbook.


    • $attachment: This parameter can be an integer, a string, an array of integers, or an array of strings. It's optional.
      • Types:
        • Integer: When it's an integer, it represents the attachment ID.
        • String: When it's a string, it could be the attachment title or slug.
        • Array: An array of IDs, titles, or slugs.
      • Purpose: It's used to check against a specific attachment or a set of attachments.
      • Default Value: If not specified, the default value is an empty string, which means it checks if the current page is any attachment page.

    Return Value:

    • Type: Boolean (bool)
    • Description: The function returns true if the current query is for an existing attachment page that matches the specified criteria (if any criteria are given). Otherwise, it returns false.

    Sample Usage:

    if ( is_attachment() ) {
        // Code to execute if the current page is any attachment page.
    if ( is_attachment( 42 ) ) {
        // Code to execute if the current page is the attachment page with ID 42.
    if ( is_attachment( array( 42, 'attachment-slug', 'Another Attachment Title' ) ) ) {
        // Code to execute if the current page is one of the specified attachments.
    • Context: This function is commonly used in WordPress templates to apply specific design or functionality changes on attachment pages.


    • WordPress Loop: While using is_attachment(), it's important to be aware of the context of The Loop, as conditional tags behave differently inside and outside The Loop.

    This function is a part of a suite of conditional functions in WordPress that help theme and plugin developers tailor their code to different types of content and requests.

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